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K'tanim Preschool Curriculum

Following the Connecticut Preschool Curriculum Framework, our educational approach focuses on the four domains of development: personal/social, physical, cognitive, and creative expression. We offer hands-on activities and age-appropriate materials that encourage creativity and self-expression. The preschool schedule includes opportunity for problem-solving experiences that help to formulate language development and sensory discrimination. There are indoor and outdoor physical activities, which will allow for fine and gross motor development.

While the programs in all classes follow both Judaic and secular themes, Judaism is a way of life at K'tanim Preschool. There are always opportunities for the children to explore and enjoy the richness of our Jewish heritage, experienced through creative art, music, foods, stories, and group play. Rabbi Kormis also joins the children on a regular basis in storytelling at holiday time, Shabbat celebrations, or just stopping by to say hello.

Our Goals

1. Teach social skills.

2. Help the children gain a deeper sense of their Jewish identity.

3. Accept children as individuals and help them develop to their fullest potential.

4. Understand and meet the developmental needs of each individual child.

5. Foster an excitement about school and learning.

6. Develop independence and self-confidence by building self-esteem.

7. Create an environment that encourages problem solving skills.

8. Understand limits and to learn self-discipline, learning to share and take turns.

9. Help them feel secure with adults and peers.

10. Express themselves in art, music, dramatic, and creative play.

11. Enhance both fine and gross motor skills.  

Our Staff

K'tanim Preschool maintains a very low student-teacher ratio in a warm and caring environment. All of our staff are nurturing, experienced, and thoughtful early childhood educators who each bring immeasurable warmth, talent, and dedication to our program.

An Extension Of Your Family. 

We spend a lot of time with your children and take that responsibility very seriously. Parents and caregivers are always invited to visit our preschool classrooms, talk with teachers and staff, and be part of the decision-making for guiding preschool policies.

For more information, please contact Kate Luedtke, K'tanim Preschool Director, at or (203) 374-5544. Registration for coming school year is now in progress. We look forward to welcoming you to the Kā€™Tanim family!


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We also offer a once-per-week program for one year olds and their parent (or caregiver), and extra-curricular programs and enrichment classes open to your entire family. Learn more.

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