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Beth El Religious School

The mission of our Religious School is to plant the seeds for future generations of proud, committed Jews, who are:

     •  Able to participate in Hebrew prayers
     •  Skilled in Torah and Haftarah reading
     •  Knowledgeable of the Hebrew Bible
     •  Practicing Jewish ethics
     •  Exposed to Jewish history, tradition and religious observance
     •  Nurtured in the love of Israel

To achieve these ambitious goals, we revised the curriculum a few years ago to reflect Beth El parents’ priorities for the learning of our children:

  1. The purpose and meaning of prayer
  2. The translation of Biblical ethics into our daily lives
  3. The joy of Shabbat and holiday celebrations
  4. The use of technology to engage students and motivate them to be independent learners.

Your support — following your children's progress and participating in their learning — is vital to the curriculum's success. As such, we are dedicated to helping all parents foster and expand on what their children are learning, so as to reinforce Jewish spiritual life and values within the family and congregation.

Come join your children in this grand adventure in Jewish learning, and make the world a much better place for them and generations to come.

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Guiding Values:

     •  Jewish learning and study are lifetime pursuits.
     •  A positive Jewish identity is fundamental.
     •  Acts of loving kindness and Tzedakah are a way of life.
     •  The Torah is a source of our values and traditions.
     •  The home and the family are central to Jewish education.

     •  The synagogue and families are partners in shaping the next generation of committed Jews.
     •  Prayer is both personal and a way of connecting to the Jewish people.
     •  Jewish life has a rhythm.
     •  Shabbat and the Holidays include personal and family and community experiences.
     •  Our personal and community ties to Israel are strong and everlasting.
     •  Jewish arts and culture add meaning to our lives.

You're always welcome here.

Please do not hesitate to contact  our Education Director, Hazzan Brian Shamash, at anytime via email or on his cell 631-793-7726.

Sun, May 26 2019 21 Iyyar 5779